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Steve Wade (Swade)


An Artist Through and Through...

I have always had a passion for art and design from a very early age. I struggled with Verbal Dyspraxia when I was growing up, so art was a way I could expressing my feelings and thoughts. It is also very relaxing and it's great to escape into your own world whilst creating art! 

 Nature and space definitely inspires me the most within my work. I love all the different shapes, textures, creatures, sounds and colours within it. Mountains and forests are especially a big inspiration as I have always felt more at home in the countryside away from the towns and cities.

My process is usually to start out with some quick sketches of ideas. Then I add more detailing and other aspects in pen or paint. Once that's done I experiment with a lot of colour schemes for each piece digitally, till I find something that feels just right. Texture is also important to me as I find it adds that little something that brings everything together at the end.

Based in Essex UK.

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